Denise Lisi DeRosa is an expert in online safety, digital citizenship and a frequent speaker on parenting in the digital age.

Denise believes in the importance of digital literacy for all. She is dedicated to empowering her clients with the tools needed to embrace the current social and digital technologies in meaningful, creative, and positive ways. She focuses her discussions on practical ways to both manage and capitalize on technology with internet safety tips and digital reputation management advice. 

Mrs. DeRosa  is an experienced media professional with a Master's Degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University and 10 plus years of experience with highly recognized media brand organizations like AOL, VH1 and Comedy Central. Denise is a married mother to three enthusiastic users of technologies and understands first-hand the challenges parents face in managing tech use in their homes.


Cyber Sensible Consulting is dedicated to helping people harness the power and potential of a positive digital life. She guides families on how to manage tech use in their homes. Denise leads discussions with tweens and teens on their digital lives, advising them on how to be smart users of smart technology. Denise provides information and actionable advice that even the least tech-savvy user can apply. Get online parenting tips, Internet safety step-by-step instruction, digital footprint review and encouragement.   Book Denise for your organization, community or family. Individual consulting can be done in person or via Skype or Hangouts. 

Photo by Liz Lynch

Photo: Liz Lynch

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